Hand Painted Canvas Mural - Primavera

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Choose a pre-set size, or customize to your wall. 

Size S:   73X47 inch (185X119 cm) composed of 1 panel

Size M:   112X72 inch (284X183 cm) composed of 3 panels

Size L:   150X96 inch (381X244 cm) composed of 3 panels

Medium:   Oil / Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Style:   Hand Painted Mural Reproduction of Artwork

This famous painting, Primavera, 1478 by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli celebrates the lush growth of spring. Central to the mural is Venus, draped in red, with her son Cupid flying over her head. On the right side of the painting is Flora, who strews flowers in the garden, and Zephyr, the biting wind of March, in the process of kidnapping the nymph Chloe, who later becomes the goddess of Spring. The three Graces on the left represent the female attributes of charm, beauty and creativity. On the far left is Hermes, a messenger from the gods to humans.

More Information

1) Can be installed like wallpaper with paste, or hang with grommet, or with frame. Each solution is easy and depending on yourself.

2) Number of panels may change due to size limit of Transportation in Import Regulations by specific countries.

3) Due to the pure hand-painted nature of this mural, each set may have subtle differences.

Tips to Custom Size

Unit Price is about 10-15USD per sqft for most murals while final price is based on complexity of each. Please Follow tips below.

1) Download or copy the photo from Neron-Art.
2) Turn the size fit your room into inch or cm, for example 120X90 inch or 305X229 cm.
3) Crop the photo and we suggest you use this website to do it, https://croppola.com/, manual Aspect ratio with the size mentioned above(input 120:90 or 305:229) and scale it and then "download this crop" and save the resized photo.
4) Send email sales@neron-art.com, attaching the resized photo and advise real size you want to order.
5) Neron-Art will send you a custom listing with correct price, by then you can pay and go ahead order.

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