Measuring For A Wall Mural

Once you have decided on the wall you want to enhance with a mural, you will need to decide what portion of the wall you want covered. Keep in mind that a full wall mural is going to offer you the greatest impact and is ultimately the best value for your money. This is one instance where size truly does matter. A partial wall mural will add color, texture, interest and, if you wish, provide a theme to your space. However a full wall mural will provide extraordinary drama and help you transform a room from ho-hum to incredibly chic.

Once you have decided on the perfect size, measure the wall several times to ensure accuracy.


What Sizes Are Available?

  • Since it is hand painted mural, there is not minimum or maximum size.

Measuring Tips (Full Wall)

Width—measure the horizontal distance from corner to corner.

Height—we recommend that you measure the vertical height at each corner as walls are never perfectly square. If different, select the greater of the two height measurements.

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