Installing Our Murals Is Easy!

With the help of a friend and a couple hours on your hands, you can easily and quickly install a mural!

Basic Installation Tips For Canvas Murals

With Paste: 

  1. Read the Full Installation Instructions for your material (found below)
  2. Prepare Your Wall
    • Be sure to start with a smooth, clean surface.
    • Remove hooks, light fixtures, and plates; fill cracks and holes with spackling compound and sand until smooth.
  3. Mural Installation
    • We recommend that two people install the mural together.
    • Lay out your mural panels before installing to ensure panel order.
    • Do not pre-trim your mural.
    • Make a guideline on the wall.
    • Apply paste to each mural panel.
    • Press panels up against the wall.
    • Trim overage & remove excess paste.
    • Optional: Double cut your seams for a clean look.

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