About us

Neron Art has been making murals for years and the studio also features the oil/ acrylic paintings of our commissioned artists.
Associated with skilled muralists, we offer hand painted canvas murals worldwide. We provide an experienced and helpful customer service staff. With our on-time delivery and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we've become the top choice for interior decoration, design professionals and businesses. 
We also paint murals on a big scale on location anywhere. A well placed, well executed mural can dramatically transform a space. It turns a plain wall into something beautiful and unique that tells a story about the people who dwell there. For us, it is a privilege to collaborate in the creation of a work of art that makes a place unique and delightful, and turns a wall into an experience.
As to paintings, our curated collection ranges from abstracts to landscapes, from dramatic large scale works to smaller intimate moments of appreciation. Neron Art is excited to present the artworks for you to make a big impression which can transform a room in an instant, at a surprisingly affordable price.

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